Since 1978, Cooper Spur Alpine team has provided community programs in the Columbia Gorge. CSAT offers ideal programs for children of all ages and provides opportunities for youth who have the desire to train and compete in the sports of ski racing, freeride skiing, and mountain biking.

About our Club

Cooper Spur Alpine Team provides the community with high caliber winter ski and summer bike programs. We offer local youth the opportunity to experience structured physical activity in alpine sports, with highly experienced coaches who are dedicated to helping youth at all levels reach their goals.

The love of skiing and biking is the single biggest motivator for our youth to continue in these sports. By providing training and fulfilling experiences for our athletes, they will enjoy the rewards that keep their enthusiasm for learning at a high level. We believe skiing and biking are lifetime sports that will continue to enrich the lives of our athletes long beyond their competitive careers.

In this community where outdoor sports are a way of life for many families, participation in CSAT programs helps motivate our children and build their self-esteem. It is important for CSAT to provide experiences that build a strong foundation of healthy life skills for each child. Values and skills that promote leadership, perseverance, risk-taking, honesty, self-discipline, teamwork, commitment, self-confidence, respect, and sportsmanship will help our athletes become successful and productive members of the community.

Fundraising Goals

Annual income of local families with school age children hasn’t kept pace with the increasing costs within the ski industry.  Today, families might spend $1000 annually for elementary aged kids being exposed to alpine winter sport and over $10,000 for an elite racer. Our goal is to provide affordable opportunities for all children in the community, keeping program fees affordable, and offering scholarship opportunities to families in need of financial assistance.

CSAT would also like to grow and enhance our partnerships with local businesses and resorts to improve community awareness and volunteerism.

How You Can Help

Cooper Spur Alpine Team relies upon ongoing financial support from donors and local businesses.  Contributions allow us to sustain operations, continue to offer affordable programs, and expand our program offerings.

We are looking for businesses and individuals who want to be involved and support the Cooper Spur Alpine Team, and promote the sport of alpine ski racing, freeride, and mountain biking.  Sponsors help us achieve our mission to create athletes that are competitive at all levels.  Currently program fees paid by participants only cover 60% of our expenditures.  The remainder of our budget depends entirely upon fund raising and donations from local businesses.  The generosity of our sponsors keeps program fees at accessible levels for all athletes in our community.

Your sponsorship of CSAT would provide you with an exceptional access to a large target market of active outdoor oriented consumers.  Most importantly, as a sponsor of CSAT you make it possible for our youth to enjoy a fun and healthy activity at affordable prices. 

All donations are tax deductible.

Sponsorship Levels


$3000+ per year

(Three Year Commitment)

  • Large Banner at all CSAT ski and mountain bike events
  • Large Business logo and link on CSAT website
  • Logo featured on all CSAT event T-shirts
  • Logo on Mountain Bike Team jerseys
  • Logo on GS paneled gates for training and races
  • Logo on all team clothing including team jackets
  • Business logo displayed on team vehicles
  • Acknowledgement of your support in local newspaper


$1500 per year

  • Banner at all CSAT ski and mountain bike events
  • Small business logo and link on CSAT website
  • Business logo displayed on team vehicles


$700 per year

  • Business logo displayed on team vehicles
  • Small business logo and link on CSAT website


The Event Title Sponsorship option gives Gold Level donors the opportunity to be a primary sponsor at Ski Race and Mountain Bike events throughout the year. Sponsorship includes your name included in the title of the event and logo placement on all marketing materials promoting the event. Please contact CSAT@GORGE.NET for event specific pricing.

More Ways to Support CSAT

$500 Friends of CSAT Donation

Our Friends of CSAT sponsorship option is for businesses or individuals interested in helping with ongoing expenses of running our programs by way of a $500/yr donation. In recognition of your donation, your name will appear on the CSAT website.

Product Sponsors

If you would prefer to purchase or provide products such as gates, bibs, timing, video, or radio equipment, silent auction items, etc. we would be very happy to work with you.  The cost of the product would be used to ascertain your business sponsorship level and the appropriate recognition.

Thank You

In consideration for your donation, we thank you for joining us in the pursuit of helping our young people grow and reach for their goals.  If your business is interested in becoming a sponsor of the Cooper Spur Alpine Team please contact us at csat@gorge.net