Featured CSAT Sponsor: Straightline Orthodontics

August 31, 2020

CSAT has been fortunate to have Straightline Orthodontics as a Gold Level Sponsor for the past four years.  Dr. Kara Hobson (aka, Bode’s mom) loves being part of the CSAT family and the decision to support the team was an easy one. Growing up in Portland, Kara was passionate about ski racing and raced herself.  She

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Palmer Glacier

Age-Class Guide to Summer Skiing

As a program director I get asked all the time “Should my child do summer camp? How much should they train in the summer? SL, GS, Fundamentals, commercial camps, ect?” Since we live so close to Palmer Glacier, the only summer skiing in North America, many think it is a no brainer to have skiers

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Get Ski Season Ready With These 3 Strength Moves

October 30, 2019

Most of us would ideally spend our free time doing the sport(s) we love and leave the gym to folks doing rehab and working on their biceps, but putting in a few hours each week in the gym can leave you with tremendous benefits on the slopes or the trail. In addition to allowing you

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New President and Board Members Elected

July 31, 2019

Cooper Spur Alpine Team is excited to announce the election of new president and board members to the Board of Directors. Ethan Beck has been elected to the CSAT board as President for a 3-year term. Ethan grew up ski racing in Vermont where he attended Middlebury College. Upon graduation from Middlebury he coached ski racing for

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